Registration Questions

How much does Q2020 cost?

The Q2020 registration fees are listed below. Pricing includes five nights in on-campus housing, meals from Monday dinner to Saturday breakfast, and access to the event.

Quizzers/Coaches - $225

Officials - $175

On-Campus Guests - $185

What are the team fees?

Team fees are listed below and can be added to coaches and officials registration in the optional items section.

Local - $100

District - $150

What is the Q2020 refund policy?

Participants who wish to cancel their Q2020 registration are eligible for a refund based off of the schedule below:

  • Refund requests made prior to May 12, 2020 will be made with the exception of $75
  • Refunds requested after May 12, 2020 are not eligible for a refund

To request a refund please send a written request to with the subject line: Q2020 Refund Request.

General Event Questions

I would like to participate in adult quizzing; where do I sign up?

While registering for Q2020 you will be asked if you would like to add any additional items. From the list select "decades quizzing."

What will Decades Quizzing cover? 

The competitive decision will cover all of the quizzing material. The less competitive division will cover Hebrews 1-5, 11-12, 1 Peter 1, 2 , 2 Peter 1.

Are Point Loma Nazarene University’s facilities air-conditioned?

All of the quiz buildings will be air-conditioned. The dorms do not have air-conditioning and we are not anticipating the need with the great San Diego weather.

What type of activities will be available at night?

Optional recreational activities will be available on select evenings to all on-campus participants. Group games will be coordinated. The recreational schedule will be shared at a later date.

Housing Questions

Will housing for guests and family members be available on-campus?

Yes, guest housing will be available on-campus.

Will linens be available?

Yes, linens will be available to on-campus guests for $10 per person. The linen bundle will include: one blanket, two bedsheets, one pillow and pillowcase, one bath towel, one hand towel, and one wash cloth. 

Can my family park our RV on-campus?

No, PLNU policy is to not allow any overnight RV parking on-campus.

Will early housing be available?

Yes, early housing is available for Sunday, June 14 for $25 per person. Please keep in mind that the room you are placed in on Sunday may not be your room for the rest of the event. Although we do not anticipate it, we may need to cap the total number of people who can stay on campus early if we hit our max capacity. If you wish to sign up for early housing please add it to your registration while completing the ‘optional items’ section of the individual registration form.

Meal Questions

What meals are included in my registration fee?

Your registration fee covers meals beginning with dinner on Monday, June 15, and continuing through breakfast on Saturday, June 20.

Will guests be able to purchase meals on campus?

A very limited number of meals will be available to purchase on-site. Those meals can be purchased through the cafeteria. The prices are listed below and do not include tax:

• Breakfast $8.10 • Lunch $10.34 • Dinner $12.60

Are early meals are available?

No, guests and participants will not have access to early meals on campus.

Will Q2020 be able to accommodate my dietary restrictions?

Our Q2020 team, along with the PLNU staff, is committed to doing everything we can to accommodate any food allergies or intolerances that are brought to our attention. Please be sure to provide details of your dietary restrictions in your registration. Food stations are clearly labeled and cafeteria staff is available to answer any additional questions.

Tournament Questions

Where will tournament brackets be posted?

All quizzing coaches will be given a Tournament Handbook during on-site registration. This handbook will contain all tournament brackets. If last-minute changes occur during the competition, updated brackets will be posted in the lobbies of the buildings hosting quizzing activities.

Will live video feed be available during the quizzing tournaments?

Yes, we do hope to provide live video feed for a limited portion of the quizzing tournament. Details will be shared a few weeks prior to the event via

How do I know if a team should be in the Novice or Experienced Division?

This is a common question! Coaches have the final say in what division their teams will compete. The only exception is a quizzer competing on a field team cannot also compete on a novice team. Ultimately, the appropriate division is based on the teams’ abilities as a whole as opposed to the level of any one particular quizzer on the team. To provide some further guidance we have put together a list of questions to help you make a decision on what is the most appropriate division for the team.

1. When does the team generally jump on a question? If it is consistently toward the beginning of a question we recommend placing them in the Experienced Division. If it is consistently toward the end or after hearing the complete question we recommend placing them in the novice division.

2. In general, what is the commitment level of the team? Teams in the Experienced Division usually devote several hours a week to studying and memorizing verses. If your team does not commit as much time they will likely feel more comfortable in the novice division.

3. How many members of your team competed at your Field’s Finals on a District or Local team and finished in the Top 20 overall on your Field? If you have more than one quizzer who placed in the Top 20 of your Field Finals, then your team should quiz in the Experienced Division. If your team has one or fewer members who finished in the Top 20 at your Field Finals, you will need to assess the overall competitiveness of the team based on your answers to question #1 and question #2 above.

Help—my question wasn’t answered here…

We are happy to help! The website will be continually updated with new information as the event draws closer. If you cannot find the answer to your question there, please contact our office by email using or call 913.577.0550.